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Who We Are

We are the UK’s leading behavioural detection training company.

We provide training in behaviour detection, credibility assessment interviewing, whistle blowing, informant handling, covert intelligence, intelligence and asset debriefing/downloading, utilising trainers who are recognised experts in their fields.  Our trainers are drawn from specialist arenas of law enforcement and the military, they have extensive operational experience in counter terrorism, special branch, covert human intelligence, serious organised crime and public sector environments.

We are a CPNI (NPSA) trusted supplier and are recognised by the UK Government as the leading subject matter experts in behavioural detection of hostile intent and the use of credibility assessment interviewing to detect deception.

We are an accredited training company by the International Association of Behavioural Detection and Analysis (IABDA) and are the only training company accredited to operate at their highest membership level, ‘professional’.

We utilise consultants who are experts in their fields and who undertake CPD to maintain that status. All of our consultants have extensive, police, military or law enforcement backgrounds and have deployed across a variety of hostile environments to hone their skills.

Our live mentoring training is the best in the UK, our skill set is unparalleled and our track record is exemplary.